Auto Insurance

The right car insurance can make a difference.  You have multiple coverage choices including:

  • Liability – Covers the other persons vehicle in an “at fault” accident
  • Collision – Covers your vehicle in an accident
  • Medical – Covers your medical expenses if you are  injured in an “at fault” accident
  • Comprehensive – Covers your vehicle in incidents such as theft, vandalism, falling objects, etc.

Some of these may have a deductible associated with them.  This is the amount you would have to pay out of pocket before the insurance company would take over.

Our skilled agents are waiting to help you find an ideal auto insurance policy that meets your budget.

Did you know that the state minimum for auto insurance is 25/50/25 but what does that mean and is it enough?

  1. 25 – This is the amount that your insurance company will pay out per person.  So should you get in an accident it will pay up to $25,000 to each person involved.  If their medical expenses exceed this amount and you aren’t covered as the person at fault you could be responsible for the remainder of the amount.
  2. 50 –  This is the amount your insurance company will pay out per accident.  So if you were involved in accident that involved 2 people and one persons medical costs accrued were $30,000 and the other at $25,000, your insurance would only pay $50,000 leaving you to pay the remainder for the accident.
  3. 25 –  This is the amount your insurance company pays out for physical damage to property in the event of an accident.  So if you hit a brand new BMW, is this coverage going to be enough to pay the cost of the car.
  4. You can also opt to include Med Pay in your auto insurance.  This is the amount your insurance company would pay for your medical expenses in an accident.

Make sure to ask the right questions of your agent and make sure that saving a few bucks isn’t costing you in the long run.

For more information on South Carolina Insurance Requirements click here


Auto Insurance for South Carolina residents