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Medicare is hard. But making the right choice is crucial for your healthcare to run smoothly. Typically, a medicare beneficiary will receive part A & B, and elect to purchase a medigap policy along with a separate prescription drug policy, or may choose to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan. The differences among these two routes are extraordinary. However, you will need to choose the right option for your individual needs.

From telemarketers to stacks of mail, the options seem endless. I have seen so many beneficiaries make mistakes of a lifetime by not taking the time to see a local medicare expert. I am an independent agent who represents multiple companies that offer great medicare options. I have no vested interest in just one company. You see, what may be good for your neighbor may not be the best choice for you. If you, a friend, or loved one is aging into medicare, please seek local expert advice. You pay no more or less if you use a qualified agent. Do not make a rash decision if you are still unsure. Be cautious of sales agents who push one product and don’t explain all options available. Make sure to ask your agent if there are any other plans on the market available to you.

Taking this advice can determine how much money remains in your pocket book at the end of the year. Medical expenses can be unexpected, yet tremendous! Don’t get caught in all the hoopla. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to enroll in a plan three months prior to, and up to three months following your 65th birthday. Don’t make it hard.